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Advancing the Sanitation Economy Infrastructure Partners

Our vision

Our vision

By 2030, ASE INFRA aspires to be a key player in the segment of decentralised sanitation economy infrastructure in emerging markets.

ASE INFRA will achieve this position through the acquisition, construction and optimisation of sanitation infrastructure assets.

In expanding its portfolio, ASE INFRA takes advantage of opportunities offered by the current and emerging trends towards decentralised sanitation infrastructure.

We have the ambitious goal to grow and expand decentralised sanitation solutions in emerging markets by separating assets from operators, and enabling increased investment into the sector, by applying a proven asset management investment model from the renewable energy sector.


Decentralised sanitation solutions are essential for the development of low-income economies and the protection of water quality, quantity, human health, dignity and well-being.  Decentralised sanitation infrastructure is a more affordable and sustainable alternative.




We invest in

decentralised sanitation economy infrastructure

in emerging markets

Our impact:


  • resilient access to sanitation for more people, 

  • more sewage and wastewater treatment which will result in improved water quality and water quantity through reuse, 

  • more efficiency and reliability through the use of digital technologies

Growth stage companies ready to scale sanitation infrastructure including: 


  • public toilet and sanitation centres;

  • sewage and wastewater treatment plants (STP/FSTP); and

  • digital/smart sanitation infrastructure


Our investments will help to professionalise the sanitation sector by making sanitation companies asset light to enable faster expansion, with sustainable business models.

Who we are

Who we are

Investing in Sanitation Economy Infrastructure with a value creating investment impact

A partner in bridging the financing gap for the growth and expansion of decentralised Sanitation Economy businesses in emerging markets where sanitation services are needed most.

ASE INFRA was founded by Joëlle Christmann, Cheryl Hicks, Guillaume Taylor and Dominik Zimmermann

Advancing the Sanitation Economy Infrastructure Partners Ltd (ASE INFRA)

Basel, Switzerland

SANIFRA Partners Ltd

SE AUM Infra Partners Ltd

Pune, India


Combined 30+ year track record


  • Renewable energy asset infrastructure investments

  • Sanitation Economy business model development and pipeline 

  • Impact investments 


Management Team

Pioneers of Renewable Energy Infrastructure Asset Management, the Sanitation Economy & Impact Investing


Joëlle Christmann

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at

Mehboob Madhavji

Rainer Füeg_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Guillaume Taylor

Picture 1.png

Satish Rao


Vijayalaxmi Biradjar

Dr. Rainer Füeg

Shekhar Kant

Joëlle Christmann

Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Peleven, a leading Life-Science engineering company. Joëlle has a successful track record in start-up management and developed successfully for example the subsidiary of a British listed company in Switzerland.


At ASE, Joëlle is Chair of the Board

Mehboob Madhavji

Previously a private banker for Citigroup Private BankUBS, and Rothschild & CoHe is also co-founder of AlphaMundi Group Ltd. and Board Member of AlphaJiri Investment Fund Mehboob brings forward great investment know-how.

At ASE, Mehboob is a Board Member

Guillaume Taylor

Founder and board member of Quadia, investor in aventron. He brings a long track record in impact investing, most recently focused on the regenerative economy.


At ASE, Guillaume is Vice Chair

Satish Rao

Previously Chairman and Managing Director of Firmenich India, and prior to that Vice President of McCormick & Company, Satish is Chairman of DRT-Anthea Aroma Chemicals Put. Ltd. India. He has over 25 years experience in Multinational incorporations driving business through effective leadership teams. Satish brings longstanding industry expertise. 

At ASE, Satish is a Board Member

Vijayalaxmi Birajdar

Five years experience in Corporate Finance.



At ASE, Vijayalaxmi is head of Finance and Administration India 

Dr. Rainer Füeg

Director of Basler Leprahilfe, a Swiss NGO active in leprosy eradication in India since the 1990s. More than 20 years of management experience as Commercial Director of the Basel Chamber of Commerce, President of the Swiss Chambers Arbitration Institution and board member of various other companies and institutions in Switzerland.

At ASE, Rainer is a Board Member

Shekhar Kant

Previously COO of Phoenix Cabins Pvt Ltd and project lead at Ekdant India Ltd and Head of business development at SPPL


At ASE, Shekhar is head of Business Development and Market Expansion India 


Investable Assets Universe



  • Public / Community toilet blocks

  • Public toilet infrastructure specifically designed for low-income and non-sewered contexts

  • With a Service Model: Transforming toilet, sanitation and hygiene access (via public and community toilets) into new consumer and last mile health spaces of quality, affordable products and services bundled into compounded revenue streams



  • Water: Wastewater treatment infra-structure to enable water reuse for industrial processes (water intensive industries, water scarce contexts) and households (toilet flushing, household cleaning, gardening)

  • Energy: Sewage treatment infrastructure with mixed organic waste inputs to convert to energy (biogas) via biodi-gestion or biofuel via biocharchol briquettes production for cooking and other manufacturing processes

  • Nutrients: Sewage treatment infra-structure to upcycle into organic fertilisers through various available technologies; and proteins for animal feed and consumer product applications



  • Health monitoring technology assets: that enable the monitoring and surveillance of disease circulation amongst targeted populations via wastewater and sewage

  • Quality monitoring technology assets: Sensor technologies applied throughout city sanitation systems including public toilets and waste management systems optimise efficiencies for operations; monitor water quality; enable continuous user feedback loops; and the potential for open-source innovation/problem-solving


Asset Portfolio

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 11.34.46.png

Lootel: Portable Container Toilets 

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at

T&T Solutions and Services: Commercial Duct Cleaning Services


Universal Toilets: Public Toilets

Universal Toilets_edited.jpg
RN INdustries_edited_edited_edited.jpg

RN Industries: Smart Toilets

RN Industries_edited.png

Garv Toilets: Public Toilets


Kirloskar Group: Power Tillers

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 13_edited.jpg
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